Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What about a Xmas decoration … made with a lot of recycled materials, and a pinch of cleverness ?

Hi everyone,

Ok, I confess ! Sometimes I feel embarrassed, when I suddenly stand ‘face to face’ with a craft material, purchased long ago, and lying in my craftroom … yet packed.
Hard to resist to compulsive shopping !

So, at these moments, piteous, I feel I really have to challenge myself : something like “doing more, with less …” or, like we say in French, “make something new out of old”. And, you know what ? It is also a special time for me to explore.
Maybe you had read my previous post about changing your stamps first destination.
Now, here's how, starting from one stamp with a relatively simple design (*), you can obtain pictures apparently different, simply by changing their position, and arming yourself with glue and scissors.
(*) In my opinion, when you choose a stamp to work with, the most its design will be simple, the most it will lend itself to changes.

With mainly four stamps, recycled materials and fiber, here is a Christmas garland that I'll happily hang at my window, at Christmas time.

If you have no electron microscope near by your computer, let's see the close-ups :)

See ? These polar bears, which look differents, were made with the same stamp.

Third Coast stamp credits :
VB 235 J - Dancin' polar bear
VB 079 E - Ice skating fairy sm
VB 225 K - Sugar plum fairy

You know what ? With the money I saved with materials on this project, I can proudly go and enjoy the Third Coast's actual overstock sale (40% off on a whole stamps selection) ...

... and also the new stamps flyer, (20% off on it until dec-10).

Ain't life grand ?

If you need more informations about instructions or supplies, please visit my blog here.

Have a nice day :)



Kathi said...

So very clever and wonderful too!

Best of all you, you used stuff from your stash!

Susan Shuler said...

Oh my!! This is lovely and so very creative. I understand what you are saying. Sometimes I when I look through my stash, I find things I had forgotten about and wonder what on Earth I bought it for. I love the way you changed the look of the adorable polar bear and used recycled materials too. Wonderful Christmas decoration!!

Anesha said...

Just stunning!! So creative and beautiful.

Shell~AK Stamper said...

OMG Sandra this is adorably cute!!

Wonderful addition to your Christmas decor!


Anonymous said...

Sandra be warned, I'm coming over on Monday and I'm going through all the shelves in your stamping closet! Any items found still in their original wrapping will come home with me!! And no, I won't clean up any mess I may create in the process. I'm creative, not cleanative.


PS You know I admire your polar bears.