Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jack Frost is at it again!

I've had this one in my head for a long time and finally got around to making it. It's seasonally appropriate too since it's getting cold in these parts.

Jack Frost was feeling feisty and decided to explore an enchanted forest. He discovered a Toadstool House (DT-022-M)and just had to work his magic upon it and the surrounding trees.

If you want to know more about this card (in excruciating detail), check out my blog.

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Sandra said...

Wow ! Kathi, it is gorgeous ! Is it an illusion or is your card very BIG ? I'm the kind of woman which always makes cards so big that they NEVER fit with any envelop ;)
Anyway, who cares ? We make the cards, we can make the envelops :)

Susan Shuler said...

Oh WOW Kathi!!!!! I love this!! All the extra details and the beautiful backgound are fantastic. What a great way to mask when stamping (I read your blog - great directions). The air-brushing is perfect too. Awesome scene!!!

Squiddy said...

Wonderful :-) I LOVE Third Coaster's stamps, can never use one on its own, they just beg to fill out a whole card

Anesha said...

Wonderful card, great scene you created. :)