Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Once upon a time, a traveling wizard visited a castle owned by a lovely fairy and found a lonely little cat who spent all her time sitting in a window, watching the birds and the fairies, and wishing she could fly with them.

The wizard spent some time with the cat and was very taken with her gentleness. He decided to grant her wishes as a special birthday gift for his hostess.

The card features Third Coast's Sarus Suggests (FA-254-I), the Open Window (CH-755-G), Stone Bench, and Kitty Fairy (CH-681-G).

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Stempelientje said...

Great scenery!

Susan Shuler said...

Awesome scene!! Great story to go with the scene! I love the way you drew the wall and floor with your copics too. I really, really like this birthday card!

Happy New Year!

Sandra said...

Kathi, your beautiful card is magic, indeed ! And, you know what ? I copied you and bought the wall stencil ... but I guess I need a lesson to use it your way Great job ! Happy new year to you :)

Anesha said...

Wonderful scence and I love the story. :)

Mrs. Swandog said...

This is amazing! I have that cat image. Now I will look at it in a whole different way. It's like getting a new stamp. Thanks for sharing!