Monday, January 9, 2012

My 2012 ‘good’ resolutions : Be immoral … virtually :)

Hi everybody,
I have a 14 years old teenager at home, and … I’m desesperate : Because he loves RAP music !!!! Yes, he does !
So, because I’m as curious as a monkey, sometimes I try to get interested with his favourites singers.
I discovered some I truly appreciate.
I also discovered some I can hardly imagine that they have had a loving mother once …

I’m too old, I guess, to understand the cosmic interest of lyrics that proudly say : “I want to have a good time and enjoy my Jack / Sit back and watch the women get drunk as hell /
So I can wake up in the morning with a story to tell ...

But I’m not too old to catch the general/virtually/immoral/idea into a virtual/non-moral/stamped/project. Yeepeeeee !

And, suddenly, this quote sounds much more sympathetic to me

3rd Coast stamp credits
FA 301 C - Gnome gnap small
FT 050 CC - Grumpy gnome
FT 167 H - The stranger
MY 058M - Tree home
CH 190 H - Climbing vine
CM 140 AA - Rocky texture sm
MY 059 D - Grassy mound

Have a happy day / month / 2012 year :)


Kathi said...

Oh my!!!

This is absolutely, totally fabulous.

Great scene, wonderfully done.

I love it!

Stempelientje said...

I love the whole scene and text is ever so funny!

Susan Shuler said...

Wow!! Super wonderful. I love the story that goes with your fabulous scene.

bonniebluedenim said...