Friday, June 8, 2012


Hello readers, hello fellow Creative Coterie members :) I’m one of the new kids on the.. well, blog, and here I go with my first post!

Used stamps: solid single gear  (CO-276-EE), stopwatch (FA- 5112-G), Margaret Mechanic (VB-401-J)

We all know how hard it is sometimes to make time not only for the things we’d like to do, but also simply for the stuff that must be done in order  for our daily lives to be able to roll on as needed. The responsibilities, the family  logistics, the time spent commuting to work or study…  There are days I wish I were able to push on a button or knock out a screw on the great galactic clockwork, and simply stop time!

Then again, if I could stop time, I’d probably give in to temptation and keep it stopped forever – or at least until the end of the book I’m reading. Or until my ink pads run dry. Or until I run out of yarn. Or until Bridget is back Mr. Darcy’s arms. Or…  Oh boy! Where’s my toolkit, I must have a wrench in there somewhere!

Enjoy your day!


Kathi said...

This is absolutely fantastic.

Great design and great coloring.

I love how you positioned the stopwatch and Margaret! That's some precision stamping!

You sure started off with a bang!

Anesha said...

Fab card, love how you used the stamp!

Stempelientje said...

You did a wonderful job Liisa!Nice colouring!

Susan Shuler said...

A fabulous first post!!

Love the way you used Margaret and your fantastic coloring. Your idea about manipulating time is one I can definitely agree with.

Congratulations on being on the design team!


Liisa said...

Thank you everyone for the sweet feedback! :)