Saturday, June 16, 2012

Treasure Chest

I love using the fairy tale stamps to create little story scenes, and what better way to welcome the warm summer days than to find a treasure chest full of jewels and gold!
Three stamps were used:  Gentle Meg FT-354-C; Open Chest CH-471-E; and Rocky Shore FA-239-K.
Meg was stamped first onto the cardstock and then masked.  Using a stamp positioner, the chest was added next.  I put a piece of transparent tape over the bottom edge of the inked chest stamp so it would not be stamped, thus leaving an edge that appears to be buried in the sand.  Next, both Meg and the chest were masked, and using the stamp positioner again, the rocky beach was added.
I used a fine line pen to add the jewels, the "sand" dots and lines around the chest, and the distant ocean horizon.  The piece was colored with pencils, markers, gel pens, gold pen, and chalks.
Rebecca Stiles


Anesha said...

love this scene you created with these lovely stamps.

Third Coast Rubber Stamps said...

Beautiful scene, Rebecca! It looks like Meg's fortunes have turned.

Liisa said...

A very nice scene, I must check out that shore stamp!

Sandra said...

Beautiful scene, very clever :)