Saturday, July 7, 2012


By Liisa
Third Coast stamp used: Cottage in the Hills, FA-236-H

Last spring I adopted a sheep. Well, sort of adopted, it’s not living with me and I do not even know its real name (I call it Larissa). I’ve had chicken and goats in Ethiopia, but this was my first European sheep. It is part of a project of re-introducing a lost agricultural treasure, black merino sheep, to France. These are not sheep to be eaten, they are for wool production. So Larissa, who is of Portuguese origin, immigrated to France with a bunch of her friends this summer. (Well, at least I hope they're friends, and that Larissa is a well-behaved sheep. I'd hate to get mail telling me she's been fighting in the canteen or biting the shepherd...)

As far as I know, Larissa is doing well, and is busy eating grass and growing wool.
In the picture,

I’ve colored her with white, not her real black, because… eh… it’s a picture of a rehearsal for a Mardi Gras parade and she’s going dressed as a white sheep.


Squiddy said...

Baaaa baaaa bwaaahaaahaaa!!!

Third Coast Rubber Stamps said...

Love the story of Larissa. I'm sure she's a good girl. Except maybe for Mardi Gras. Cute scene!

Anesha said...

THis is such a sweet card.

Leigh S-B - The Sharpie Domino Queen said...

What a wonderful story, I was very entertained :0). Your sweet card scene is picture perfect!

Sandra said...

Oooh, je l'avais loupée, celle-ci. Je l'adoooore :) (d'ailleurs, tu connais surement encore mon adresse ??!!...)