Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gentlemen, choose your weapons!

Third Coast stamps:  Chasing cupid FA-477-G, Troll with sword – FT-219-H, Iona’s Request FT-220-H,

 Patch of grass CH-089-FF, Grassy Mound MY-059-D

Well well, if it isn't the end of August... For those in the Northern hemisphere, it marks a new start: a term change at studies or in the school year, a new theatrical season, even work in many offices still follows the rhythm of new projects starting in the fall. 

How about you? Any plans? Anything you wish to get done before next summer?  Well, now is the time to decide how you want to go about it, time choose your “weapons”!  So, sharpen that pencil, get out there and start exercising again, get your nose into that time-management guide… and of course browse for new stamps, that goes without saying.

And then, action. Make your love known. Call the company for that job you wish to have. Send out your stamped cards to be published. So that when the spring comes along and the snow starts to melt you don’t suddenly wake up and sigh “Oh but i’s too late now”.


Mrs. Swandog said...

Love your your post! I did just that and claimed my prize stamps from the challenge blog and ordered a few more!

Anesha said...

Great creation and love the post!

Susan Shuler said...

What a fun scene and a great post to go with it!

Bast said...

LOL! Love it! Thanx for sharing :)