Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Samhain!

Hi everyone!

I think that one of the best things about art is that you can explore any culture, religion, theme or medium in the world!!  Today's project features the mystical Moon and Stars Cat accompanied by the Happy Samhain (play /ˈsɑːwɪn//ˈs.ɪn/, or /ˈsn/)[1] sentiment from the Greetings Mini Set.  Samhain is a Gaelic harvest festival held on October 31–November 1.  So this project is a bit early - but better now than last minute!! :)

For more info on how this look was achieved, please visit my blog for details. Thank you for stopping by!
Stamps by Third Coast Rubber Stamps:
DT-353-J Moon and Stars Cat (Halloween 2009, p.16)
AT-153-L Greetings Mini Set (Zoomin' Turtles, p.16)

Wikipedia notes:
Samhain (play /ˈsɑːwɪn//ˈs.ɪn/, or /ˈsn/)[1] is a Gaelic harvest festival held on October 31–November 1.
Also calledSamhainn (Scottish Gaelic)
Sauin (Manx Gaelic)
Observed byHistorically: Gaels
Today: Irish peopleScottish peopleManx peopleCeltic neopagans
Pagan (Celtic polytheismCeltic NeopaganismWicca)
SignificanceEnd of the harvest season, beginning of winter
BeginsNorthern Hemisphere: Sunset on October 31
Southern Hemisphere: Sunset on April 30
EndsNorthern Hemisphere: Sunset on November 1
Southern Hemisphere: Sunset on May 1
Apple bobbing
Related toHalloweenHop-tu-NaaCalan GaeafKalan GwavAll Saints' DayAll Souls' Day


Pia said...

beautiful card
hugs Pia

Bast said...

What a gorgeous card...Love the kitty! TFS