Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Be wise

Third Coast Stamps used: 
Talking owl- CM-296-AA, Toireasa with scarf FT-303-M, Fallen leaves AP-492-C

It is that time of the year again when in my childhood my mother used to scold me for not dressing up warm enough to her taste. “Be wise, my child!” 

Today I see her point. I’ve also accepted the beauty in being wise & warm, instead of chic & chilly. And besides, who says you can’t be warm & wise _&_ chic?

Anyway, people of the Northern hemisphere, it is high time to pack away the pareos and the mini-skirts, and to dig out the tights and woolies. Be wise, be healthy, and enjoy the wonderful season!

(People of the Southern hemisphere – simply ignore this post ;) )


Anesha said...

Lovely, really like the fallen leaves at the bottom.

Sandra said...

Très belle combinaison de tampons, et superbes couleurs :)