Sunday, December 16, 2012

Magic, magic snow

(JB-090-R Winter Geisha)

Whenever the winter solstice draws nigh, I get a growing urge to get to snow. I don’t mean to go skiing, nor do I want to trek in the mountains. I long for falling snow. Fresh banks of pure snow, untouched. There is something so peaceful about it, calming. Quiet. Snow muffles the sounds of street traffic, even voices. Or maybe it is that people talk less, when walking in snow? Out of respect toward nature? And have you noticed the light? Snow reflecting every moonbeam, every streetlamp? It is like light sent from above, to light the soles of our feet. Magic.


Anesha said...

Lovely card, love the gems across the front.

Sandra said...

Hé, hé, j'ADORE !!!!! :)