Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bye bye baby

Stamps from the Third Coast Rubberstamps:
Froggy Conductor (AP-326-F),  Singing The Blues(AP-331-F), French Quarter Frogs(AP-324-J)

There's a time for everything and sometimes that time is limited... Sometimes we are glad to finish projects, relationships, and even interesting periods in our life, sometimes it's with a sad heart that we move on.

Back when I was a student I had a mug that screamed "change is good!" And I profoundly believe it is. One should avoid getting stuck. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging you to divorce every six months or to change addresses in order just to get away from vacuuming the house! You don't even necessarily have to change careers to get a good buzz going again. What I mean is, keep your mind on the move. Keep it light-footed. Stay open for options. Keep with you the people and things that nourish you and keep you moored, and let the rest go.

And today I sign off by quoting The (great) Manhattan Transfer in one of my favorite songs, A foreign affair:
"Trains and planes and boats and buses characteristically 
evoke a common attitude of blue, 
unless you have a suitcase and a ticket and a passport 
and the cargo that they're carrying is you."

Happy stamping to everyone, stay inked!


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