Wednesday, January 23, 2013


By Rebecca Stiles

Third Coast stamp used:  Prince’s Promise  F-216-N

To create the illusion that the image is printed on the patterned paper I used the following technique: 
 1. Stamp image on scrap paper and cut out.  Using a pencil, trace the image onto heavy patterned cardstock.
 2.  Staying inside the penciled outline, remove  the outer layer of the cardstock with sandpaper.  When the white core is reached, use a stamp positioner to stamp the image into the white hole created for it.
3.  Using a Copic marker in a shade darker than the original cardstock background, color the background leaving selected images untouched. 
4.  Color the prince and princess.
5.   Layer over a piece of the original uncolored cardstock and layer that over an additional matching paper.  Add “love” brad.


Sandra said...

This card is amazing. Very soft and elegant. ("magnifique !", in french :)

Rebecca Stiles said...

Thanks Sandra! I'm pleased with the way the fabric on the robes turned out.