Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mechanical K9 with Steampunk Style!

Happy New Year to you all!

Today I want to share 1 of 6 of my creations that was published in
Just Steampunk vol2.
I'm just giving you a peek at the photo with stamp credits for now.
 So if you want to see more you have to go buy the magazine! TeeHee!

This issue is totally worth having in your library if you're as fired up over Steampunk as we at Third Coast are ;0)

  I will share this one on my blog, Leigh S-B Designs, in more detail soon so keep a look out for it! 

Third Coast Rubber Stamps used:
Clockwork Dog CO-285-Q
Steampunk Grunge (text) WS-185-D
and a portion of Geared Up KG-058-X

Happy Steampunk Stamping!

Leigh S-B

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