Sunday, June 16, 2013


By Rebecca Stiles

Third Coast stamps used:  Flying Fred small  FA-548-I
Boxer Bouncing  CH-087-H
Long Grass  CH-097-CC

Well, Fred's in trouble now.  He was just flying along with his dog, when the silly dog saw the cats below.  "Zoom" went the dog, and now Fred has to figure out how to get him back up in the air!

 Dog’s harness is hand drawn using a 005 pigment pen.  The "helicopter blade" stamp was added to the dog image so he could fly.
Other stamps used:  Tree – Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers; bush – 100 Proof Press; all other stamps unknown


Crafting Queen said...

LOve this scene you created!

Sandra said...

Great job, Rebecca :)